Other notable design prizes:


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Animation Competition3D Animations CompetitionArchitectural CompetitionArts Competition
Art Pieces CompetitionBlack CompetitionBlack Product CompetitionBook Competition
Brown Appliances CompetitionBrown Products CompetitionBrown Goods CompetitionBuilding Competition
Utility Car CompetitionExcellence in CompetitionFashion CompetitionGraphic Competition
Industrial CompetitionCraft CompetitionIdea CompetitionSuperior Competition
Computer Arts CompetitionElectronic Arts CompetitionFood CompetitionGold Competition
Gray CompetitionGray Goods CompetitionIdea and Form CompetitionChoice Competition
Organic Products CompetitionOrange Products CompetitionSocial CompetitionAmateur Competition
Textile CompetitionWeb Master CompetitionTransportation CompetitionTypography Competition
Web and Networking CompetitionWhite Products CompetitionWhite Goods CompetitionYoung Competition
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